VANDERSTELT believes in the strength of long-term business relationships and discretely unites property, people and means.

Investing in property

Investeren in vastgoed | vanderstelt real estate investment partner

With over 20 years of practical experience in Real Estate, VANDERSTELT can be engaged for initiating and guiding purchase and sales transactions. By thoroughly analyzing all components in advance we ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

Investeren in vastgoed | vanderstelt real estate investment partner

As a trusted advisor of Dutch high-net-worth families and national and international institutional investors, we prefer being engaged in off-market transactions and mostly avoid publicity, often at the request of our clients. Since we believe in combing forces we, where necessary, are more than willing to work together with your existing advisors and add specialists where desired.

Investeren in vastgoed | vanderstelt real estate investment partner

We are selective in approaching investors that are most interesting for you and us. An important departure point in this is that we work on the premise that the prospective buyer has the disposal of own capital. If nonetheless there is need for borrowed capital; VANDERSTELT is second to none when finding access to the required banking finance.

VANDERSTELT applies a targeted approach, utilising its extensive knowledge, experience and exclusive network. We find the best answers to your investment and disinvestment requests. Discretion and reliability are our core values in that respect.


Do you identify with our approach and are considering investing in property, or are you about to review or sell your property portfolio? We would like to invite you for a no-obligation personal meeting.