“Independent, creative, personal, and always a keen eye for solutions & added value.”

VANDERSTELT; expert & real estate agent in investment properties

VANDERSTELT Real Estate Partners is not just a real estate agency; we specialize in property investments and managing family wealth through real estate. With over 25 years of experience, VANDERSTELT provides guidance and support throughout buying and selling transactions. We meticulously analyze all aspects to secure the best outcomes for our clients.

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With over 25 years of practical real estate experience, VANDERSTELT is called in to initiate, supervise and provide full-service solutions and sale transactions. In a thorough ex-ante analysis, all elements are weighed up against each other, in order to achieve the optimum deal for our clients.
As a trusted advisor to Dutch wealthy families and national and international institutional investors, we prefer to engage in “off market” real estate investment transactions and, at the request of our clients, often avoid publicity. Because we believe in joining forces, we are happy to work with your current advisors where necessary and assign experts if required.
We are selective in approaching the most promising investors for both you and us. An essential starting point here is that we assume that the most suitable potential buyers for you have their own resources. Nevertheless, should there be a need for loan capital, VANDERSTELT understands better than anyone, the access routes to missing bank finances.

With its extensive knowledge, expertise and exclusive network, VANDERSTELT takes a highly focused approach. Looking for the optimum answers to your investment and divestment questions. Discretion as well as reliability are our core values.


Real estate brokerage;

Transactions & Services

VANDERSTELT contributes ideas, analyses and acts in a pro-active manner in order to achieve the best deal for its clients. In the midst of the current market, we are therefore able to achieve the optimum in transactions at all times.

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Tailor-made solutions;

Equity & Advisory

More can be achieved with external funding. The return on equity can thus be given a strong boost. Real estate financing is a profession and therefore requires personal attention and professional assistance.

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Do you have an interesting real estate-related idea? Our insight, knowledge and extensive network is often requested and used to launch real estate initiatives. In this way, we combine ideas, wishes and real estate ambitions with the right resources and people.

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Drs. Jacqueline van der Stelt MRE Frics

Jacqueline van der Stelt, founder of VANDERSTELT and real estate investment partner, previously worked as director at ING Real Estate Finance. Jacqueline is a go-getter who deploys knowledge, experience and her extensive network in a critical and pragmatic manner to respond to the investment challenges presented to her. By using this network, work experience and her wish to be an entrepreneur, a unique combination has arisen that connects people, real estate and financial resources (equity and/or debt). Characteristic of her activities is the professional attention she gives to the investment question and the sincere attention she pays to her consultation partner, the person behind the question. Van der Stelt is an active member and Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), an international membership organisation of real estate professionals dedicated to building a stable and reliable real estate sector with integrity.

Do you identify with our approach and are you considering investing in real estate, or are you about to review or sell parts of your real estate portfolio? If so, we would be pleased to visit you for a personal consultation and non-binding analysis of your real estate portfolio.