Wanted: Apartment Blocks

VANDERSTELT is a real estate investment boutique for the real estate assets of wealthy Dutch families and family offices.

We are searching for apartment blocks for one of our wealthy Dutch families. Perhaps you are, or are going to be, selling real estate that meets the criteria below?

      • 3 room newly build apartment blocks
      • Rent approx. €800 – 1200 per month,  market rated and WWS-resistant (based on new contours)
      • Approx. 60-70 m2 usable area
      • Private outdoor area
      • Newly and/or recently built
      • Strong preference for complete/undivided property
      • Municipal operating obligation for X number of years is no problem
      • Investment volume: €5.000.000 t/m 15.000.000 per project
      • Location: villages/cities with own facilities upward of approx. 35.000 inhabitants and demographic growth

Our wealthy families can act quickly, have short decision lines, a long investment horizon, great financial strength, and therefore normally no financial arrangement clause.

Do you have an interesting proposition available that requires an end investor? Then we would be keen to get in touch with you! We look forward to receiving your proposition via info@vanderstelt.com.

No brokerage fee is owed to VANDERSTELT