“VANDERSTELT is a real estate investment boutique dedicated to family assets.”

Brokerage activities

Interest rates are at historically low levels and real estate offers an interesting inflation hedge. Consequently, numerous parties are looking for returns and are turning towards estate. The increasing demand for real estate and a limited market supply cause investment pressure to increase day by day. Due to our unique way of working, we are able to surprise our clients repeatedly with interesting and profitable real estate properties & portfolios.

Working method

VANDERSTELT prefers to engage in “off market” real estate investment transactions and, at the request of its clients, avoids publicity. We believe that the strength of a deal does not lie in a broad approach to as many players in the market as possible, but in deliberately linking the right investor to the right investment property or the most suitable real estate portfolio. This is how real estate, people and resources are discretely linked to each other. Many investment trades at VANDERSTELT are successfully concluded in a personal and attentive manner, invisible to the wider market. In our track record you can see a number of examples of transactions that VANDERSTELT has supervised for its clients/families in recent years.

Other services

A solid real estate portfolio, just like anything else in life that is worth the trouble, requires attention. Acquiring the right properties on the basis of a pre-determined strategy, structuring (liability & taxation) and financing ensure an optimal yield. Good asset management and well thought-out management are inextricably linked to this.

How far we go in our service provision is up to you. You decide to what extent you want to be supported and supervised. For many of our clients, it is reassuring to know that we can offer the support they need in a wide range of areas.


For a number of clients, the necessary financing/leverage is justifiably not at the bottom of their list but a starting point in the acquisition of real estate. By opening up our financial network in good time and using our knowledge and skills to obtain appropriate financing, VANDERSTELT is also a significant added value in this respect. It goes without saying that a healthy degree of leverage, in view of the still low interest rates, has a major impact on the yield to be achieved.

Investing together with reliable partners

A number of investors prefer, for various reasons (lack of time-risk diversification, knowledge sharing, complementary expertise or regions) to invest with experienced and reliable partners and together build up an attractively profitable and diversified real estate portfolio. VANDERSTELT can, at your request, take care of/participate as a dedicated partner and/or bring you into contact with suitable third parties.

Our clients and partnership

Our clientele is widely spread and includes both national and international investors. Sometimes institutional, but more often, related to family assets through single or multi family offices. We are often seen as a ‘real estate investment boutique for family assets’. In general, our buying investors/families are so liquid that the majority of them can buy without any funding arrangement clauses. Different as they are in demand and focus, both appreciate the quality, broad orientation and personal approach that VANDERSTELT offers and the long-term partnership that it enters into with them.

Track record

You can find the transactions that VANDERSTELT has realised in recent years for the relations/families we work for in our track record.