“Active players, trades completed, returns, trends… we follow the market closely for you.”

Transaction Research: all market transactions in the Netherlands
(Land Registry; Q1 2023)

VANDERSTELT - Market Research - ENG map Q1 2023

“Real estate investment expert VANDERSTELT closely monitors the market and proactively informs its clients about the most important players, trends, prices and returns”.

VANDERSTELT - Market Research - Transaction volume Q1 2023
VANDERSTELT - Market Research - Transactions per segment Q1 2023

footnote: all transactions reported in the Land Registry > 1 million in Q1 2023
(source: Land Registry & Research team VANDERSTELT. Omissions reserved).

Transaction research as a starting point

VANDERSTELT closely monitors the real estate market and ALL realised transactions in the Netherlands on a daily basis and therefore has an up-to-date view of the market. What happens in which region and in which segment of the market? Important investor information that benefits our clients.

The transaction research that we carry out ensures that we can advise our clients optimally and in detail about the current active players, prices, trends and expectations and realised yields.