“VANDERSTELT arranges the most attractive external funding from A to Z in an ever-changing financial landscape.”


Our clients find that the financing landscape has become very complex & diffuse after the credit crisis. As former director of ING Real Estate Finance, I recognise this, and for this reason our broking activities meet  a very clear need of our clients. Within VANDERSTELT, we support and assist wealthy families in obtaining external financing, under the most optimal conditions. This is in order to optimise the return on equity.

In general, our clients/buyers are so decisive/liquid that offers are made without any financing arrangement clause. VANDERSTELT structures the financing afterwards under the most attractive conditions, in order to optimise the return on equity.


Dutch banks are ‘open’ again, particularly for less risky propositions such as housing investments. European legislation and directives oblige banks to pursue a selective/stringent financing policy towards other real estate and construction financing segments. Fortunately, there are all kinds of new players/initiatives that also see the opportunities on the Dutch financing market and are allowed/will be able to take advantage of them; institutional parties, foreign banks, crowd-funding and bundled initiatives under their own ‘private label’.


There are also numerous ‘1 on 1’ direct/private financing possibilities. A number of our related families are also willing to provide a short-term mortgage bridging loan on third party properties with a responsible risk profile. VANDERSTELT acts as a gatekeeper in this respect.

Full guidance

VANDERSTELT supports its clients by fully assisting them with the preparation of the financing application, the bank selection and the valuation .Compares offers and takes charge of the negotiations. In addition, we take care of all loan documents and guidance towards the notary office.

For the most attractive external financing, matching your wishes and possibilities, please contact VANDERSTELT.