After having been active in the real estate world as director/MT ING Real Estate Finance and as developer at Bouwfonds for more than 25 years, Jacqueline van der Stelt started her own company VANDERSTELT, real estate investment partner. The knowledge, experience and extensive family network that she has built up is used to find sustainable answers to the real estate issues that are presented to her.

Jacqueline is a personal member and Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). This international membership organisation of real estate professionals works with integrity to create a professional and reliable real estate sector. Discretion and integrity are of paramount importance in this respect. VANDERSTELT follows this line and preferably focuses on “off market” transactions.

As an independent real estate investment expert, Jacqueline assists her clients at all times during the buying or selling process. She works pragmatically to build and/or expand a future-proof and real fructiferous estate portfolio in a healthy manner.

“Jacqueline looks at the people behind the investment demand. She understands the importance of a stable real estate portfolio and, with her broad orientation and great professional insight, she stands up for the long-term interests of her clients.”

Supervisory directorships and administrative ancillary positions

Jacqueline works with attention and feeling for the needs of her clients. Also in the additional functions she fulfils. Jacqueline works as a Supervisory Board member and is a member of the Stichting Administratie Kantoor (Central Administration Office) within a family business.

“As an outsider & professional of the organisation, I notice that I look with an open mind at the course and future of the organisation and its business operations. The independent position offers the opportunity to spar openly about strategic and tactical issues within the company. This often creates a practicable synergy that is pleasant to work with for all parties. By maintaining a healthy distance from the management board and at the same time working in close cooperation with each other on the basis of a thorough understanding of the interests of all stakeholders associated with the company, sincere supervision of the proper performance of the tasks of policymakers and decision-makers is created. It gives me satisfaction to give a social interpretation to my talents and capabilities.”

Jacqueline’s strength in terms of content lies in the intersection of the disciplines of real estate, finance, new business, asset management and strategy. Jacqueline is selectively open to discuss real estate-related ancillary positions in the areas of Advisory Board, Supervisory Board, Investment Committees and Supervisory Board.

Please contact her for a personal introduction.